Pelicana’s Competitive Edge


SCREENING We do not open carelessly In order to increase the number of franchises, we do not reduce the sales area of existing franchises or cajole them. This is because healthy franchisees must exist for healthy franchise headquarters to exist.

Our Vows

PREMIUM Quality Non-GMO and Cage free. Every day, we use FRESH, PREMIUM chicken that is USDA Verified, 100% Veggie Fed, All-Natural Non-GMO and CAGE FREE. We change our oil DAILY.                                             


Seasoned Chicken A classic that never changes Seasoned chicken, first developed by Pelicana, is a menu item responsible for stable sales of franchisees. It boasts a unique taste and quality that other companies cannot emulate.

Franchise Opening Procedure

01 Inquiry for franchise applicants​
We introduce Pelicana’s business and company, and provide investment plan and opening consultation.
02 Business explanation and consultation
We confirm the feasibility of store location and commercial area through on-site visit inspections.
03 Commercial district analysis
Approval for opening a franchise store is provided and an information disclosure statement is provided. We also check the store, including checking electrical capacity and permits.
04 Final discussion
Final discussion.
05 Franchise agreement signed
Sign a franchise agreement. (Contract period: 00 years)
06 Store actual measurement and downtown and exterior construction
We conduct actual store measurements and drawing designs, set the interior concept, and calculate investment costs for facilities, equipment, and initial items.
07 Conducted training for franchise owners
We provide various licenses and store operation training for store operations. – Business registration certificate, business license, hygiene education certificate, etc.
08 Opening
We prepare mechanical equipment, supplies, first-order products, raw materials, etc. for store opening.
09 Affiliate store follow-up management
The head office provides follow-up management of affiliated stores.

Franchise Inquiry Form

The strength of Pelicana’s brand has been tested for over 40 years. Contact us to join hands and become a member of the Pelicana team. We will address your inquiries to help you make an informed decision about becoming our restaurant partner.


    *Cell Phone



    Store Availability

    *Expected Square Footage

    *Area Desired for Opening


    Personal Information Collection and Usage Agreement

    Pelicana collects the following personal information for franchise consultation. 1. Purpose of collection: To receive consultation for opening a franchise store and to provide information on processing results 2. Collection items: (Required) Name, mobile phone, presence of store, desired location for opening 3. Retention period: Until completion of related consultation and processing of complaints (however, subject to relevant laws and regulations) If there is a need to preserve it according to the applicable law, it will be kept until the deadline required by the relevant laws and regulations) 4. During the inquiry and consultation process, the company (franchise regional headquarters, overseas Pelicana business operator) may contact the customer. 5. Pursuant to Article 74, Paragraph 1, Item 3 of the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc., use is prohibited when content containing severe profanity, disparagement, or threatening content that causes 'fear' or 'anxiety' is repeatedly written. Please note that there may be restrictions. 6. Customers may refuse to consent to the collection and use of this personal information. However, if you refuse to consent, consultation regarding franchise will not be possible.